Primo Viaggio Lounge

Want to travel comfortably lying down? It’s easy with our reclining car seat.

Primo Viaggio Lounge is the reclining car seat for newborns. With the Comfort Recline feature, the backrest can be lowered and the leg rest extended, allowing your child to lie in the most ergonomic position in the car as well, thanks to the i-Size base (accessory).

With Primo Viaggio Lounge, a child can travel rear-facing longer, until their height is 87 cm. The car seat is also suitable for air travel.

It can be attached onto Peg Perego strollers, so you can enjoy long, relaxing walks.

Comfort Recline: adjustable in 3 positions (sitting, relax, flat) in the car as well, with the i-Size Base (accessory).
Pagoda hood: large extensible UPF 50+ hood with mesh for ventilation.
It must be installed using the car’s three-point safety belt or the i-Size Base (accessory) if used in the lie-flat position.
Automatic attachment system on Peg Perego chassis.
Kinetic pods: help to move forces away from your child in case of a side collision.
EPS inserts for absorbing shock from impacts. Better protection and comfort.
Adjustable Side Impact Protection (ASIP). Adjustable in 6 positions, adapts as your child grows.
Dual-Stage Cushion: adapts as your baby grows, guaranteeing greater comfort, support and safety.
Chest clip: keeps the straps in the right position.
Base i-Size
Base i-Size

Rain Cover Primo Viaggio
Rain Cover Primo Viaggio

Memo Clip
Memo Clip

Igloo Cover
Igloo Cover

Memo Pad
Travel Bag Car Seat
Travel Bag Car Seat

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