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John Deere Gator HPX 6x4

Two seats, 24 Volt lithium battery and large cargo capacity. Let's get down to some serious playing!

John Deere Gator HPX 6x4, with its powerful 4WD, is the electric utility vehicle with 6 wheels and rechargeable 24V/13Ah lithium battery.

Two seats and plenty of power! It travels on all surfaces, even the most rugged, and can tackle differences in elevation with a slope of up to 17%.

The lithium battery extends fun time! Comes equipped with battery and battery charger.
Realistic horn
Two cup-holders or compartments
Seat adjustable into two different positions
6 wheels with sculpted tread tyres
Big tipping box
Two forward gears and reverse gear
Electric accelerator/brake pedal
Made-in-Peg Perego quality and safety.
Made in Italy and made in Peg Perego toys.
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24V - Charger
24V - Charger