Culla Elite

Mon Amour

Panorama Hood

Enjoy comfortable walks in every season with the UPF 50+ fabric hood that protects your baby against the sun. Too hot? The zip conceals a mesh insert that allows for greater ventilation.


Tailored foot muff

Too much wind? The hood and the foot muff’s windbreaker create the perfect conditions to protect your baby and take him out for a walk in any weather. And if he’s in need of distraction? Hook a toy to the purposely designed slot in the hood.


Comfort and wellbeing

The unique Comfort System simultaneously adjusts the backrest and footrest, maintaining the optimal ergonomic position for baby’s added comfort and well-being, whether awake or asleep. By adjusting the 4 Seasons System, you will always have the ideal climate inside the bassinet: warm in winter and cool in summer.


Built-in carry handle

The elegant, built-in, eco leather carry handle is a Peg Perego patent. You can lower the hood with a single hand even when you are holding your baby.


Comfort and cuddles, also at home!

Culla Elite is full of surprises! It can be used as a rocking cradle with the swivelling base, as a crib with the pull-out feet and as a bassinet when fastened to the Bassinet Stand (accessory).



Compatible with Book.

Data Sheet
Internal Size 35 W x 75 D
External Size 48 W x 64 H x 84 D
Weight 5,2 kg
Culla Elite - Instructions for use - Culla_Elite_FI002101I288.pdf - 1606025