Culla Gran Pagoda

Blue Shine

Gran Pagoda hood with visor

The innovative carry handle allows the hood to open by a further 40°, for utmost protection against the sun and wind. Panorama window for better air circulation.


Belvedere window

An extra window so your baby can feel you near and you can exchange loving glances.


Dedicated tailored foot muff

The handy foot muff features elegant couture details and protects your baby on the coldest days of the year.


Lots of space and comfort

Shhh... sleep in progress! Your baby deserves the best rest. The large size of Culla Gran Pagoda is the ideal solution. The backrest and the footrest can be adjusted independently to maintain the baby’s optimal ergonomic position whether awake or asleep.


Built-in carry handle

Elegant, built-in, eco-leather carry handle. You can lower the hood with a single hand even when you are holding your baby.


Culla Gran Pagoda also at home!

At home it is an excellent solution for sweet naps when fastened to the Home Stand (accessory). The hood opens by a further 40° to create a cosy, quiet space for nap time. The handy Belvedere window allows you to see your baby from different angles, so that he can feel you near and you can exchange loving glances.


Culla Gran Pagoda

Compatible with Vivace Blue Shine.

Data Sheet
Internal Size 39 W x 78 D
External Size 44 W x 63 H x 84 D
Weight 4,9 kg
Culla Gran Pagoda - Instructions for use - Culla Gran Pagoda_FI002201I346.pdf - 2221158