Pliko Mini

It is the smallest in the family but can stand alone.

Pliko is a foldable stroller like its older brother, but is better performing because it is smaller, lighter and very practical.
The aluminium chassis provides a solid structure to control movement stability, but at the same time this stroller is light enough to be manoeuvred and carried with great ease.

Travelling is practical and easy.

Because it is so incredibly compact, Pliko Mini makes everything simpler for you - shopping, going for a walk or to the nursery are possible feats, loading the stroller in the car is easy and taking a bus is no longer a nightmare!
Its suspension wheels ensure an extremely smooth ride (even after years of use) and great freedom of movement - you can do things you thought were impossible, like chasing kites, clouds or butterflies. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun with Pliko Mini!

The lightest in the family:
Its suspension wheels
The aluminium chassis
It fits into the car boot
Compact umbrella fold-up mechanism.
Height-adjustable ergonomic handles
Carry-all basket
The measure of freedom.
Certified for use from birth.
Wide-curving UPF 50+ hood.