Book Cross

Strolling on urban paved roads or natural dirt roads is pure... fun!

Book Cross is the ultra versatile 3-wheel stroller designed for adventurous parents, always on the move or who simply love to spend whole days outdoors.

Its Soft-Ride wheels made with a tear-resistant lining and its great agility and strength make it possible to take on all types of terrain with ease; from the most uncomfortable, such as cobblestones, to the most adventurous, such as sand, grass or dirt roads.

An agile stroller for parents which is also comfortable for children, Book Cross can be used from birth until the child is a little older, even instead of the pram. Very handy when on holiday: thanks to the adjustable backrest that reclines all the way horizontally, the child’s delightful naps are guaranteed!

An ultra versatile 3-wheel stroller for adventurous parents. Extremely agile on all surfaces!
Soft-ride wheels
Easy Drive System: less effort and more fun!
Plenty of accessories
Extra compact book-fold
Ergonomic adjustable handle bar
Roomy basket with easy-load system
Convert the Book Cross into a trio!
Certified for use from birth.
Multitasking hood
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