Team Primonido Carriage

The pram, with romantic bassinet, lots of space and a unique design is also suitable for 2 passengers.

Team Primonido Carriage includes:

  • Carrello Team - Manoeuvrable on all kinds of terrain, it also transforms to accommodate 2 passengers.
  • Culla Primonido - Manoeuvrable on all kinds of terrain, it also transforms to accommodate 2 passengers.

Carrello Team

The chassis that grows with your family.

Elegance, practical design and off-road technology for travelling smoothly over all kinds of terrain, thanks to its Soft-Ride wheels. The telescopic handle bar in hand-stitched eco leather is also suitable for very tall users.

Culla Primonido

The bassinet that strips down to become a cradle.

Double hood: open the zip and discover the romanticism of the second hood with tulle insert.

Double cover: lift up the warm cover and discover the coolness of the second cover with mosquito net.

Approved for use in the car (with Car Kit sold separately).

Features Carrello Team
Features Culla Primonido
Features Carrello Team
Unique design, with Adapter Team it is also suitable for two passengers.
Soft Ride wheels with tread. Manoeuvrability on all surfaces.
Easy Drive system. 12 ball bearing wheels with suspension.
Height adjustable telescopic handlebar in hand-stitched eco leather.
It can be moved with just one hand. Extra compact stand-alone book-fold
Centralised brake.
Roomy basket with easy-load system
Handle bar for moving the folded chassis as if it were a trolley.
G-Matic system for attaching modular components to the chassis.
Pirouette control: regulate the front wheels (aligned or pirouetting) without bending down.