Book 51 S Elite Carriage

The pram with elegant bassinet featuring Comfort System and and off-road chassis of only 51 cm in width.

Book 51 S Elite Carriage includes:

  • Carrello Book 51 S - Exclusive off-road driving technology in just 51 cm of width.
  • Culla Elite - Exclusive off-road driving technology in just 51 cm of width.

Carrello Book 51 S

Top class performances in a width of only 51 cm

Only 51 cm of width and off-road wheels for moving with agility in the narrowest spaces and on all kinds of terrain. The telescopic handle bar in hand-stitched eco leather is also suitable for very tall users.

Culla Elite

Elegant when out and about, at home and in the car

A sophisticated look for the Elite bassinet, the next comfiest cradle for your baby to your arms. Elegant with a practical design, it stands out for its unique details such as the Comfort System for your baby’s well-being, the Peg Perego patented built-in handlebar in eco leather and the trendy finishes.

The Elite bassinet is approved for use in the car (Car Kit sold separately).

Features Carrello Book 51 S
Features Culla Elite
Features Carrello Book 51 S
Compact, just 51 cm in width and exclusive off-road technology.
Soft Ride wheels with tread. Manoeuvrability on all surfaces.
Easy Drive system. 12 ball bearing wheels with suspension.
Height adjustable telescopic handlebar in hand-stitched eco leather.
Pirouette control: regulate the front wheels (aligned or pirouetting) without bending down.
Centralised brake.
Roomy basket with easy-load system
The chassis is also available in White.
G-Matic system for attaching modular components to the chassis.
It can be moved with just one hand. Extra compact stand-alone book-fold