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Book Lounge Modular

Pram, stroller and car seat. All-Italian comfort and safety from birth. Style and relaxation when out and about, in the car and at home.

Elegance lies in the details.
Book Modular features the unique style of the Culla Elite bassinet, with its fine tailoring, its fashionable inserts and its all-Italian design, all of which contribute to the wellbeing of your baby.

The stroller with a comfortable reversible seat.
Ever ready to explore the world, its agile and dynamic steering makes light work of winding through every city’s typical obstacle courses.
Fitted with shock absorbers and being just 51 cm in width, it passes the elevator test with ease. Safety and added comfort are guaranteed by the reclinable Primo Viaggio Lounge car seat, which allows your baby to lie back comfortably.

Rain Cover Stroller
Rain Cover Stroller

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