Memo Pad

Bluetooth® Low Energy anti-abandonment device for car seats.

Memo Pad is compatible with all Peg Perego car seats and (approved for use in the car) bassinets.

Memo Pad and the Memo App detect the presence of a child, thereby reducing the risk of a child being accidentally left in the car.

The Memo App is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.
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Compatibile with: Navetta XL, Navetta Elite, Culla Elite, Culla Primonido, Culla Futura, Primonido, Primonido Elite, Primo Viaggio Tri-Fix, Primo Viaggio SIP, Primo Viaggio SL, Primo Viaggio i-Size, Primo Viaggio i-Plus, Primo Viaggio Lounge, Viaggio 1 Duo-Fix, Viaggio 1 Duo-Fix K, Viaggio 1 Duo-Fix K TT, Viaggio FF105, Viaggio 0+1 Switchable, Viaggio 1-2-3 Via, Viaggio 2-3 Surefix, Vaggio 2-3 Flex, Viaggio 2-3 Shuttle, Viaggio 2-3 Shuttle Plus, Primo Viaggio 360.