Mini Princess

The electric motorbike for little modern princesses.

For tiny little princesses.

Why wait for Prince Charming? Get moving and look for him yourself! Mini Princess is the three wheel electric vehicle designed for little girls in their first year. It functions with a rechargeable 6 Volt battery. Mini Princess has only one speed that is suitable for the young age of drivers (around 3 Km/h). Its reduced steering range allows your child to move with freedom even in small spaces such as those in the home.


Peg Perego, you can tell it's worth it.Three motorised wheels for budding riders.Mini

Mini Princess is her first safe, reliable and easy-to-drive bike that can be used inside and outside. In the home, the wheels become more silent with the use of the Rubber Bands, the optional kit of 3 rubber strips that offer greater adherence on smooth tiles or parquet. In the garden or courtyard, your young motorcyclist can show off all the power of no less than 2 motorised wheels. The innovative square rear axle means that the both of the rear wheels can move. This improves traction even with one small engine. Great savings for great performance.


Princess style and fairytale fun!

Perego "All in One" technology means that even the youngest drivers can drive it easily. The accelerator pedal when released becomes a brake that automatically stops the vehicle in a gentle manner without jerking. The large horn on the handlebar will delight your princess as she greets others to the sound of music. The dashboard is just like that in a real motorbike. The attention to small details reveal Peg Perego's commitment to its young drivers such as the highly tactile symbols are engraved rather than simply stuck on to make sure they remain fixed.


Excellent stability and safety guaranteed by Peg Perego.

All the high quality features you would expect of a Peg Perego Mini Princess. Mini Princess has sealed base to protect the driver from electric wires and tampering and to protect the vehicle from water, mud, sand, earth and crumbs. The three wheels and the low chassis offer stability even when cornering, and prevent your child from slipping. The large footrests offers safe and comfortable support. The saddle guarantees stability and perfect adherence to your child's body so there is no slipping during acceleration or when stopping. The grooved tread of the wheels improves grip.

The 6V/4.5Ah battery is found in the compartment under the seat and has a childproof battery lock. The battery can be recharged using a standard household socket, directly from the vehicle or by removing it. Battery charger and battery come supplied.


Made in Italy and made in Peg Perego toys.

It's more than just a game to us!
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Original Peg Perego accessories have been created to optimise the use and performance of the chosen product.

Rubber Bands
Kit consisting of 3 rubber strips that improve the traction of the wheels and guarantee utmost adherence on smooth surfaces as well as reducing noise and preventing scratching on delicate surfaces.

Battery and Battery Charger
Give your child the gift of fun that lasts for many more hours.

Technical Specs

Why choose it Designed especially for the very young, it is perfect from even the first year and can be used inside the home (the rubber band kit protects floors). Pink with feminine decorations.
Type Motorbike.
Main features Easy to drive and start. The "all in one" pedal allows your child to accelerate and brake without having to position his feet in different positions. The low speed reassures both driver and parents.
Colour range/versions Available in two versions: Mini Ducati and Mini Princess.
Accessories Rubber band kit
Additional information -
Suitable from/to 1+
Number of seats 1
Number of gears 1
Number of wheels 3
Traction wheels 2
Engines 1 da 25W.
Battery/Power 1 sealed acid lead battery of 6V/4.5Ah, no maintenance required, included in the packaging.
Battery charger 1 x 6V battery charger included.
Alkaline batteries 3 x LR44 1.5V button cell batteries (included)
Ideal surfaces Ideal for smooth surfaces: floors, asphalt, cement, tiles.
Slope capacity 5%
Wheels Grooved tread
Accelerator Pedal.
Brake Automatic electric.
Steering wheel -
Radio command frequency -
FM radio with MP3 connector -
FM Radio -
Lights and sounds Horn
Seat belts -
Suspension -
Kick-stand -
Stabiliser wheels -
Glove compartments -
Rear load body -
Trailer -
Sealed base Yes.
Battery duration*1 95 min.
Speed in 1st gear 2,7 km/h.
Speed in 2nd gear -
Speed in reverse -
Size 44x 69 x 47,5 h cm - 17 1/4” x 27 ½” x 18 ½” h.
Weight 4,9 Kg.
Maximum transportable weight*2 15 Kg.
Construction material Anti-corrosion treated iron. PP polypropylene PA polyamide High density PEHD polyethylene.
Compliance Complies with European Safety Regulation for Toys (safety prerequisite set by EEC Commission) and with “U.S. Consumer Toy Safety Specification”. They are also certified by toy safety authorities under 2009/48/EC directive. They do not comply with regulations for travel on roads and cannot be used on public roads.
Identification code IGMD0003
Regulation General Directive for Toy Safety 2009/48/EC EN 71 / 1 -2 -3 Regulation EN62115 Regulation
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC EN55022 - EN55014 Regulation
R&TTE Directive -
RAEE European Directive 2003/108/CE
RoHS European Directive 2011/65/EU
Phthalates Directive 2005/84/CE

*1 The battery duration is indicative only and will vary depending on the way the vehicle is used and the surfaces it is used on. The indicated time is the result achieved if the battery is used at 3/4 of its capacity on flat and compact terrain and for 1/4 of its capacity on uneven or inclined terrain.

*2 Maximum weight of child as verified to guarantee correct functioning of the toy and the battery. (+) = peso massimo consigliato per cassone e/o rimorchio.