Made in Italy

MADE in ITALY, all-Italian quality and attention to detail.

Peg Perego products are designed, produced and assembled with all-Italian attention to detail that guarantees high quality and long life. The small parts created outside the company are subjected to demanding safety and quality tests before the product is assembled.

Created to last over time.

It is wonderful to see Peg Perego products being enjoyed by many generations with many children still playing on toys that were once their parents! All of this is made possible by the careful selection of materials.

All the plastic parts are of extremely high quality and are very strong. To ensure the utmost solidity and long life, Peg Perego designers have added further reinforcement to critical points that are vulnerable in collisions. Combined with shiny and satinized elements they add that something extra. The iron parts are anti-rust treated and if required are also lacquered with non-toxic paint.

The adhesives have been tested to ensure that they last over time, do not discolour and remain attached. Adhesives, colours and protective films are non-toxic, they do not contain Phthalates and have been tested by the manufacturing company and the mould maker as well as Peg Perego and toy safety authorities.

Designed to be reliable forever.

Peg Perego products are equipped with screws, bolts and washers to ensure perfect and long lasting assembly. Every year, all Peg Perego products are subject to improvements to perfect and update operational, mechanical, electrical and design components. Their look is also not disregarded. Peg Perego create trends with more modern colours and designs.

Safe the world over.

Our toys conform to European toy safety standards (safety requisites stipulated by the EEC Commission) and the “U.S. Consumer Toy Safety Specification”. They are also certified by toy safety authorities pursuant to 2009/48/EC.
They do not conform to road safety regulations and so cannot be used on public roads.

Tested to ensure that remain safe over time.

Peg Perego are not only tested by certified authorities but also subjected to in-house tests using especially designed equipment to check the toughness, strength and durability of components such as the wheels, electrical system and plastic parts.
Tested to ensure that they last over time and that the toy is safe in all ways.

Designed to respect the environment.

All Peg Perego products are  partially assembled to reduce packaging, minimise space and facilitate transport from the container to your home. They are assembled in a few minutes by following the attached instructions.

Peg Perego products do not pollute the environment.

Peg Perego electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and can travel over green parks for hours without polluting the air.

Made-to-measure products

For disabled children with restricted leg movement, we offer manual command vehicles with electrical brakes upon request.