John Deere Gator HPX 6x4

6X4 the fun package by John Deere, for children age 3 and up.

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2 seater, 24 Volt , lithium battery and with large cargo capacity. Now that's what I call playing!

Inspired by the original Gator HPX of the famous U.S. manufacturer John Deere, Gator 6x4, with its powerful 4 wheel drive, is a very special toy. Decorated with the unmistakable colours of John Deere, Gator HPX 6x4 is the electric utility vehicle with 6 wheels and 24 Volt, 13Ah rechargeable lithium battery.

A true force of nature, the John Deere Gator HPX 6x4 travels on all surfaces, even the most rugged and can tackle differences in elevation with a slope of up to 17%. Its cabin with 2 seats is dedicated to children aged 3 and over who like playing a lot in the company of friends.


Tireless on all terrains with convertible load body.

With John Deere Gator HPX 6x4, your child will have fun in total safety. Its 6 wheels with off-road tread offering extreme traction guarantee perfect grip on the ground and the vehicle stands out for its power and agility both on grassy turfs and on the most winding roads, displaying all of its 24V of power.
John Deere Gator HPX 6x4 features a huge convertible load body.
The load body, which can carry up to 30 kg, has a side opening for easy unloading... and more! John Deere Gator HPX 6x4 is designed for endurance. When your child gets a little older, you can adjust the position of the seat to leave more room for the legs and adapt to every driver.


The lithium battery extends fun time!

The lithium battery improves the vehicle’s performance. Compared to a lead battery:
• its lasts twice as long;
• the battery’s life cycle is increased three-fold;
• it is very light, which makes it very easy to handle;
• it remains charged for over 2 years before it needs recharging (whereas lead batteries will need recharging after 6 months/1 year).


2 speed gears, a horn and lots of safety.

John Deere Gator HPX 6x4 is incredibly easy to drive and will definitely be noticed when you honk the horn! The accelerator pedal, when released, becomes a brake that automatically stops the toy vehicle gently, avoiding abrupt tugging movements. The  gear lever can be used to set 2 forward speeds or reverse - all are far more powerful thanks to the lithium battery. The second gear has a lock that, when necessary, prevents an inexperienced child from using it.

John Deere Gator HPX 6x4 has everything your children need to tackle the wildest adventures in sheer safety: 2 armrests for each seat for your children’s comfort, the handle on the dashboard for the passenger and a sturdy steering wheel for the driver.


It is finished with intricate details which make the vehicle one of a kind.

John Deere Gator HPX 6x4 has a transparent matt windshield for improved protection and safety of the passengers. The large headlights reflect the light and give the impression of being turned on. The front bumper protects the vehicle and the battery compartment from front shocks.
The large front mudguards feature 2 drink holders or object holders to always have everything you need on board. An added feature too is the key on the dashboard to have fun switching the engine on and off. It is finished with decorative shock absorbers and the John Deere logo on the grille.


Made-in-Peg Perego quality and safety.

The quality of Peg Perego products is reflected in the details that guarantee safety. John Deere Gator HPX 6x4 comes with a sealed base to protect the driver from electrical wires and tampering, and to protect the vehicle from water, mud and sand.
The 24V/13Ah battery, lodged at the front of the vehicle, is protected by a child-proof safety lock. The battery can be recharged using a common household socket, either in or out of the vehicle. Comes equipped with battery and battery charger.


Made in Italy and made in Peg Perego toys.

It's more than just a game to us!
Learn more about our toys: high quality of materials, tests and certifications, safety and special products for children with motor disabilities. More information.

The original Peg Perego accessories have been designed to optimise the use and performance of the product.

John Deere Adventure Trailer
Thanks to the trailer your child can carry everything he needs to enjoy incredible adventures or help Mom and Dad in the backyard.

Original spare battery.
Make the fun last longer with Peg Perego batteries!
A spare battery makes your toy efficient, offering maximum performance, longer duration and endless fun. (Contact our service center for info and costs)

Original spare battery charger
A spare battery charger is the perfect idea for endless fun! You can leave it at the grandparents' house or in mum's bag, ready to use as needed.

Technical Specs

Why choose it Gator 6x4, with its powerful 4WD, is the electric utility vehicle with 6 wheels and rechargeable 24V lithium battery. Its cabin with 2 seats is dedicated to children aged 3 and over who like playing a lot in the company of friends.
Type Off road vehicles, electric tractors, two seater cars.
Main features Sculpted tyre tread for extreme traction to increase the friction to the ground. Travels on all surfaces, even the most rugged. Horn, adjustable seats, 24V power for a maximum speed of 7 km/h. Modern and sturdy line.
Colour range/versions -
Accessories John Deere Adventure Trailer.
Additional information 2 drink holders. Rear convertible load body with side opening.
Suitable from/to 3+
Number of seats 2
Number of gears 2+R
Number of wheels 6
Traction wheels 4
Engines 4 x 175W (700W total).
Battery/Power 1 x 24V/13Ah lithium battery, maintenance-free, included in the package.
Battery charger 1 x 24V battery charger, included in the packaging.
Alkaline batteries 3 button LR44 1.5V batteries (included).
Ideal surfaces Great performance, even on hills and uneven terrain.
Slope capacity 17%
Wheels Extreme traction off-road tread
Accelerator Pedal
Brake "All in one" with accelerator pedal/electric brake
Steering -
Radio command frequency -
FM radio with MP3 connector -
FM radio -
Lights and sounds Horn
Safety belts -
Suspension -
Kickstand -
Stabilising wheels -
Object holder Yes.
Load body Yes.
Trailer Optional.
Sealed base Yes.
Battery duration*1 30 min.
Speed in 1st gear 4 km/h – 2.5 MPH
Speed in 2nd gear 8 km/h – 5 MPH
Speed in reverse gear 4 km/h – 2.5 MPH
Size 90 x 171 x 75.5 h cm – 35.50” x 67.25” x 29.75” h cm
Weight 40.5 kg – 89.2 lbs
Maximum transportable weight*2 60 + 30 kg – 132 + 66 lbs
Construction material Anti-corrosion treated iron. PP polypropylene. PA polyamide. High-density PEHD.
Compliance Compliance with European Safety Regulations for toys (safety pre-requisite set by the EEC Commission). They are also certified by toy safety authorities under directive 2009/48/EC. They do not comply with regulations for travel on roads and cannot be used on public roads.
Identification code IGOD0521
Legislation General Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC Directive EN 71 / 1 -2 -3 Directive EN62115
Electromagnetic Compliance Directive 2004/108/EC Directives EN55022 - EN55014 - EN61000
R&TTE Directive -
RAEE European Directive 2003/108/EC
RoHS European Directive 2011/65/EU
Phthalates Directive 2005/84/CE

*1 The battery duration is indicative and may vary depending on how the toy is used and the surfaces upon which it is used. The indicated time is the result obtained if the battery is used at 3/4 of its capacity on a flat and compact surface, and at 1/4 of its capacity on uneven or inclined terrain.

*2 Maximum approved child weight so as to ensure proper functioning of the toy and the battery.

(+) = maximum weight recommended for the load body and/or trailer.