Viaggio 0+1 Switchable

The versatile car seat for children aged 0 to 4.


Extra safe, extra comfortable and extra easy.

Viaggio 0+1 Switchable protects your child in the car on long journeys, and is approved for use with children from birth up to four years of age (weight 0-18 Kg). Practical and easy to install, it is attached using the vehicle’s 3-point seatbelt. Safety is a serious matter. Viaggio 0+1 Switchable comes equipped with an “Adjustable Side Impact Protection” system that protects your child from side impacts. It can be fixed in 7 positions to guarantee the utmost safety for every moment of your child's growth.


Peg Perego, you can tell it is worth more. Comfort, safety and the desire to travel.

Viaggio 0+1 Switchable offers a large and comfortable seat that can be reclined into 5 relaxing positions, making it suitable for long journeys. In the early months, your baby is protected from jerky car movements by the infant booster cushion. The 5-point safety harness, complete with adjustable shoulder straps that can be repositioned on the seat, have a locking system to guarantee ideal posture.


A nest for tiny tots and a fantastic adventure for older children.

Viaggio 0+1 Switchable can be installed in different positions depending on your child's age. From birth to 13 Kg it can be positioned rear facing, the soft anatomical cushion offering a comfortable nest for tiny tots. From 9 to 18 Kg it can be positioned forward facing, so that your child can gaze at the world in complete safety.

Accessories that make your life better and more comfortable.

Clima Cover Car Seat, with a washable covering in “Tencel”, a natural temperature-regulating material that regulates the body's humidity (warm in winter and cool in summer).
Travel Bag Car Seat: the seat remains protected and clean (the Isofix base can also be stored within).
Car Seat Cup Holder: practical drink holder that can be attached to the seat so that a drink is always to hand.

Technical Specs

Car seat 0+1 Group, UNIVERSAL category.
Why choose Viaggio 0+1 Switchable Protects your child in the car for many years and is approved for use from birth until 4 years of age (0-18 kg). Practical and easy to install.
Legislation UN/ECE R44/04 European Regulation.
Compliance Double certification, 2 ways to attach it in the car: - Group 0+ (0-13 kg) rear-facing with the car's 3-point seat belt. - Group 1 (9-18 kg) front-facing with the car's 3-point seat belt.
Suitable from/to From birth to about 4 years of age.
Weight of child Group 0+ (0-13 kg). Group 1 (9-18 kg).
Positioning in the car - Group 0+ (0-13 kg) 0 - around 1: rear facing. - Group 1 (9-18 kg) 1 - around 4: front facing. We recommend positioning on the rear sear, on the side opposite the driver.
Air bag - Do not use with air bag enabled when installed in a rear facing position (0-13 kg), from 0 to about 1 year of age. - Can also be used with air bag in a forward facing position (9-18 kg), from 1 to about 4 years of age.
Product features The removable movement-reducing cushion makes it comfortable even for a newborn. It is also spacious and comfortable for older children. Can be reclined in 5 positions to offer the maximum comfort. The 5-point safety harness can be adjusted with the practical button and the shoulder straps and a leg divider that can positioned as desired. Side elastics positioned on the seat.
Accessories Clima Cover Car Seat, Travel Bag Car Seat, Car Seat Cup Holder.
Colour range Black, Rouge, Sand, Techno
Seat Soft, anatomic, infant booster cushion, and height adjustable, 5-point safety harness.
Reclining seat The seat can be fixed in 5 different positions.
Maintenance The covering can be removed and washed in the machine at a maximum temperature of 30°C.
Additional information Change the front structure of the seat before using the car seat for newborns (group 0+).
Frame material Polypropylene shell especially designed for car seats, covered in EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene) to maximise energy absorption in case of impact.
Upholstery Fabric combined with open-cell foam used in the automotive industry.
Size 45 X 61.5 X 58 cm (width, height, depth).
Weight 10 Kg.


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