Switch Four XL Modular

The modular system that delivers four times as much.


You choose - as you like it and with whom you want.

Switch Four XL Modular has all the accessories you need to travel with your baby. By car, on foot, at home - it satisfies all your needs for a practical, functional, comfortable and well-designed system. It has an umbrella fold and is extremely compact. Its complete elements have lots of accessories and come in the trendiest, most fashionable colours. The system includes:

• the Four chassis
• the Switch Completo seat with hand muff and rain cover
• the Navetta XL bassinet
• the Primo Viaggio SL car seat
• the matching Bag that can be fastened onto the chassis (with a changing mat).

Simply buy one set and you will have all the elements you need to travel with your baby, from birth to toddler years - and in trendy colours too!

Easy to unfold, very easy to fold.

The Four chassis has an umbrella fold and can be collapsed with the seat in either position. It is very compact and free standing when folded. It has two separate handles for transport, which makes moving it easier and can be used to hang shopping bags (so there is no need to bend down and store items in the basket). It can be moved effortlessly by its centralised handle like a trolley case when folded.


Peg Perego G-matic System - long live flexibility.

The Four chassis has Peg Perego's innovative G-Matic System - a simple click is all it takes to rapidly attach the Switch seat, the Navetta XL bassinet or the Primo Viaggio SL car seat onto the chassis. It is so small (only 51 cm) that it is very agile and manages to fit through places where other pushchairs do not, including the narrowest lifts! The chassis is made of aluminium, so it is light (to ensure freedom of movement) and solid (to ensure stability). The comfortable handles can be adjusted in height and make the stroller very manoeuvrable. It comes with a non-slip back platform that allows mothers to overcome small steps (such as road-to-pavement) or to carry an older child. There is a large storage basket with a reflective strip, which is useful when going for a walk in the evening.


Easy Drive system: less effort, more fun.

The innovative Peg Perego wheels with suspensions and 12 ball bearings give you 360° of agile movement. This means perfect manoeuvring ease and 30% less effort compared to ordinary pushchairs. The front wheels are lockable swivel wheels, the rear wheels have a centralised brake. Proudly Italian. All Peg Perego products are made in Italy. Every step in the production process - from design to manufacturing - is performed by Peg Perego and no one else.

Switch Four changes the way you carry your baby.

The Switch Four pushchair has lots of accessories and a reversible seat that can be rear facing (so you can interact with your baby) or forward facing, which an older child will find interesting during lovely walks together. Thanks to the exclusive and practical G-Matic System the seat attaches to the chassis with one click. This extremely manoeuvrable pushchair has been designed to ensure your child has an extremely safe and comfortable ride from birth.


Included accessories that make the difference.

Switch Four Completo has lots of accessories so you can go for pleasant walks at any time of the year. It comes with a soft hand muff, rain cover and hood with window and pocket (plus you can hang your baby's favourite toy on it). The practical zip in the hood allows you use the hood as a sun canopy. The reclining backrest folds down to 150° which makes this seat suitable from birth and perfect for relaxing naps (the reclining leg rest provides extra comfort). The 5-point safety harness can be adjusted in height to grow with your child and there is a removable, soft, safety bumper bar that hinges open, made of non-toxic material.


Peg Perego, you can tell it is worth more.

Switch Four has an umbrella fold and can be collapsed with the seat facing either way. When folded it is free standing and incredibly compact. The fabric is always protected because it never touches the ground. The convenient central handle can be used to effortlessly pull it like a trolley case and load it into the car very easily.

Elegantly and comfortably extra large.

The Navetta XL bassinet has an automatic attachment system to fasten onto the Four chassis. Just one click and the pram is ready for delightful walks. The bassinet ensures the baby is comfortable. Thanks to the exclusive Peg Perego Comfort System the backrest and leg rest can be adjusted simultaneously from the outside, so your baby is always in the best position and does not slip.


Details that make the difference.

The All Seasons system controls air circulation in the bassinet, so it ensures protection inside during the winter and fresh ventilation in the summer. The special Panorama Hood has a ventilation window and a loop to hang your baby's favourite toy. The finishing touch is a leg cover with refined details and a very useful windbreaker. Inside the bassinet are 2 useful pockets to store small items that need protection (such as the baby's dummy). The adjustable handlebar ensures an ideal grip for transport by hand and transforms into a practical element to hang toys.


Navetta XL - travelling safely by car

Peg Perego does not consider safety just an extra option - it is one of the essential principles for the creation of top quality products. The Navetta XL bassinet, which is ideal for long journeys and as a cradle when not at home, complies with Group 0 standards (up to 10 kg). To be used in the car it needs the Kit Auto Navetta XL (three-point harness with pads and hooks , sold separately). This ensures maximum safety in the case of a front or side collision. Navetta XL is made of polypropylene, a rigid, shock-proof material that is also hygienic because it does not absorb humidity from the air. The practical adjustable fastening hooks allow parents to attach the bassinet to the car's rear seat, so a parent can sit next to the baby. The bassinet can be used at home as a rocking cradle or a little cot thanks to its adjustable base. The internal lining can be easily removed and frequently washed, to ensure perfect hygiene.

A car seat jewel - as comfortable as it is safe!

Primo Viaggio SL has an integrated head rest designed to reduce the forces that act on a baby's head and neck in the event of a side collision. It is suitable for children from birth to 1 year (Group 0+, 0-13 kg).


Primo Viaggio SL car seat - the best product in its category.

Peg Perego quality is acknowledged all over the world. The Primo Viaggio SL car seat, combined with the Isofix Base 0+1, obtained the highest score (5 stars) as best product in its category when it was subjected to the strict crash tests performed by the most demanding international certification bodies (2013 ADAC, TSC, Stiftung Warentest, OAMTC). Because they have obtained internationally recognised certification, Peg Perego products excel in performance and safety.


Top protection in every phase of your child's growth.

The car seat has the Adjustable Side Impact Protection System, which protects in the case of a side collision. It adjusts as your child grows bigger because its headrest and safety belts can be simultaneously adjusted in height and fixed in 5 positions. The 3-point safety harness has soft protection pads. The Primo Viaggio SL car seat is easy to attach onto the Four chassis via the G-Matic System and its dedicated car bases. Its welcoming, ergonomic seat has an anatomic cushion for newborns. The hood, to which your baby's favourite toy can be hung, has UPF 50+ UV Protection. The hood and the handlebar are adjustable.

In the car, there are three ways of fixing the seat:
‣ with the car's 3-point seat belt;
‣ with the Belted Base accessory, which is fixed with the car's seat belt;
‣ with the Isofix Base 0+1K which is fastened to the car's Isofix hooks (seat belts are not required in this case), in order to ensure the car seat is positioned correctly, easily and safely.

Essential when out and about with your baby.

The Peg Perego changing bag that matches your modular travel system can carry everything you need to change your baby plus lots of other things you didn't think you needed! Every little detail is carefully designed. The bag, which can be attached onto all Peg Perego pushchairs, comes with a practical changing mat you can spread anywhere, ensuring your baby is clean even in the most uncomfortable situations. Its external pocket with a zip is perfect for carrying baby wipes, dummy, baby toys and your mobile. Peg Perego bags are made of resistant fabrics with trendy colours. With their contemporary design, these Peg Perego bags can be used even without a pushchair because they have an adjustable strap, so you can wear them over your shoulder or across your body.


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