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Modular System

Free to choose! Everything your baby needs, from birth until he is a little older.

Free to choose

The unique Peg Perego transport systems are designed to offer you everything you need to transport your baby, from birth until he is a little older. Designed to meet the needs of modern parents withcutting-edge designs, colors and materials, the Peg Perego transport systems make life easier and more comfortable. These lightweight products are easy to fold, even with one hand. Moreover, they are particularly compact, making them the ideal choice for the narrowest elevators, and extreme safety, agile and maneuverable, both in the city and in the country.

The Peg Perego transport systems are made up of a chassis and 4 separate elements that fasten on to the frame with ease - bassinet, car seat, stroller seat and matching bag. Moreover, they offer unique technological features that ensure easy handling, compactness and convenience.

Special attention has been devoted to your baby's safety, comfort and freedom of movement. Elegant and sporty fabric collections are offered in many color versions and with a variety of refined details. Furthermore, a line of dedicated accessories offers everything you might need to ensure your child’s maximum comfort. And all proudly made in Italy.