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  • Baby Banner - Purchase Guide

At Home

Transform your mealtimes! Multifunctional highchairs for eating, playing and resting.

Highchairs, booster seats and baby walkers

Multifunctional highchairs for eating, playing, resting and ...

The Peg Perego highchairs have been designed to experience those all-important mealtimes in comfort and joy, so as to teach your baby the pleasure and importance of eating with the family from an early age; a good example that will soon become a habit acquired with great ease.

Through its typically Italian creativity and technology, Per Perego produces ​​highchairs that can be used well beyond feeding time. Some models transform into comfortable reclined cradles or relaxing rocking chairs, to help baby rest peacefully. Three products in one - now that's what is called a smart purchase!

The Peg Perego highchairs have it all!

There are many models on offer, in cheerfully fashionable colors and equipped with seat belts, a protective front bar, a reclining seat and a double dishwasher-safe tray. The highchair may also be used as a play station, being easy to move and to adjust to various heights! The soft wheels glide over all surfaces, including wooden floors, and Peg Perego's innovative Stop&Go braking system guarantees sibling-proof safety, as it can only be controlled by an adult.

And when baby grows older? You can remove the tray and push the chair up to the grown up's table, or use the handy booster seat! The Peg Perego highchairs and booster seats will follow your child's growth safely and with care.

Comfort, relaxation and lots of fun

Baby's walks are safe, stable and protected in Peg Perego's height-adjustable walker.

When fitted with a Jumper, the walker offers varying springing possibilities, for extra baby fun.

Furthermore, the integrated electronic play kit stimulates your child's curiosity with sounds, lights and colors. The play kit may be removed for use without the walker when baby is a little older. Peg Perego. Well worth it!